Justin Trudeau

Six months ago, Trudeau told Canadians that a report his office pressured the AG was ‘false.’ He lied

It’s hard to fathom what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was thinking on the morning of February 7, when he stood before reporters and categorically declared, “The allegations in the Globe story are false.”

The Globe and Mail was the first to report that Trudeau’s office attempted to pressure his justice minister and attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, into intervening in the corruption and fraud case of SNC-Lavalin.

That day, he knew that Wilson-Raybould, who he’d shuffled out of the Justice Ministry three weeks earlier, had been repeatedly approached by members of the Prime Minister’s Office about her reluctance to get involved.

He was told by Wilson-Raybould herself at a meeting in September 2018 of her concerns about his staff attempting to interfere in a criminal matter (though he would later say he couldn’t specifically recall the remark).

And surely he knew, or should have known, that repeatedly reminding the attorney general of the potentially cataclysmic political and economic costs of failing to secure a remediation agreement for an important Quebec company constituted inappropriate pressure. 

Nevertheless, there was clearly a concerted effort to to see her reconsider her position. That much was fact, and Trudeau knew it on February 7. 

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