Scheer Trudeau

Globe and Mail April 7, 2019

Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer on Sunday dared Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to sue him for defamation for statements he made about Mr. Trudeau’s involvement in the SNC-Lavalin scandal, after receiving a letter from the Prime Minister’s lawyer that threatened legal action.

Mr. Scheer released a letter from Mr. Trudeau’s lawyer, Julian Porter, saying the opposition leader had issued a press release that went “beyond the pale of fair debate and is libellous” by claiming Mr. Trudeau actually interfered in the SNC-Lavalin criminal prosecution. Mr. Porter said his letter, dated March 31, should be “treated as notice” of possible action under the Libel and Slander Act of Ontario.

The opposition leader said he would welcome a battle in court after having Liberal-dominated parliamentary committees shut down hearings into the affair.

“I stand by every single criticism I have made of Mr. Trudeau’s conduct in regards to this scandal, including those Mr. Trudeau’s lawyer cites in his letter,” Mr. Scheer said. He urged the Prime Minister to follow through with his threatened lawsuit immediately. “This is an urgent matter of public interest and deserves to be heard in a legal setting where Liberals do not control the proceedings.”

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