Justin Trudeau

National Post April 5, 2019

Sans halo, he now walks the ground like every other politician, as pedestrian as the rest of them

Well, they’ve put it behind them. No need to detail the “it.” But what does that actually mean, other than “it” is no longer in front of them?

Simply that it — OK, the saga of Jody Wilson-Raybould, the attempt to finesse a deferred prosecution for SNC-Lavalin, and the resignation of Jane Philpott, the near-three-month rock-and-sock-’em in the Commons and outside — has had its climax.

Justin Trudeau, amid cheers from his sadly compliant “team,” booted Wilson-Raybould and Philpott from the privileged ranks of the Liberal caucus. They have been excised, exiled and ejected. As one always reliably tasteful observer put it — “the boil has been lanced.”

So what does all this mean, now, for Mr. Trudeau, who under the more congenial moons of 2015 put much of the world’s press in the kind of swoon normally served up only for alumni of Survivor or Lady Gaga epiphanies? Well, it means those days are gone for good.

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