Toronto Star April 2, 201

“We talk about peace, order and good government; that’s been thrown out the door to win,” said Haack, who served as director of operations for the Liberal Party of Canada’s B.C. wing until late 2017. “Seven weeks ago Trudeau could have owned up and apologized.”

“Now it’s too late,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ujjal Dosanjh — B.C.’s former premier who was later health minister under prime minister Paul Martin from 2004 to 2006 — said Tuesday that Trudeau did exactly the wrong thing if he wants to “stanch the bleeding” caused by the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Dosanjh said that instead of booting two of his “star cabinet members” from caucus, Trudeau should immediately “fess up” to his office’s mistakes, apologize and fire his advisers.

“I say this as a loyal member of the party: The narrative spun by the Prime Minister’s Office has been absolutely incredible, and he needs to change all his advisers,” he said.

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