Gerald Butts

National Post April 1, 2019

In order to believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s version of his dispute with his former attorney-general, you have to accept that an astonishing series of missteps, misunderstandings and lost opportunities were entirely innocent.

You have to believe that when Jody Wilson-Raybould told Trudeau in September that she had made up her mind and would not interfere with the decision to proceed with a prosecution against SNC-Lavalin, he either didn’t grasp what she was saying, or didn’t accept how serious she was.

You have to trust that none of the numerous complaints she made over ensuing weeks, warning that the pressure being exerted was inappropriate and had to stop, made it through to Trudeau.

You have to consider it wholly believable that Gerald Butts, the political whizz-kid and guru considered the brains behind the throne, likewise missed or misinterpreted the signals, and didn’t alert his boss that they had a real problem.

You have to find nothing odd in the fact none of the supposedly highly-skilled and politically adept people surrounding Trudeau appreciated the severity of the warning Wilson-Raybould was making: that if Trudeau used his office to muscle a subordinate to interfere in the independence of the public prosecutor, he was racing headlong towards a cliff and was bringing his government with him.

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