CTV News March 20, 2019

OTTAWA — The federal Conservatives have launched a marathon voting session in the House of Commons Wednesday evening, the latest procedural move being made over what they say is a Liberal “cover up” of the SNC-Lavalin controversy.

The more than 200 fiscal votes the Conservatives had put on notice have started to be called, and if all go ahead it could be into Thursday before they’re done. For now, it’s shaping up to at least be an all-nighter of continuous voting.

The marathon session was triggered after the Liberals voted against a Conservative opposition day motion that called on the government to have the House “take note” of the comments from Wilson-Raybould about the SNC-Lavalin affair, specifically the events that led to her resignation, which she said she was not able to speak to during her Feb. 27 House Justice Committee appearance.

The motion also called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to waive full solicitor-client privilege and cabinet confidences “to allow the member for Vancouver Granville to address events that occurred following January 14, 2019, including her time as the Minister of Veterans Affairs, her resignation from that position, and her presentation to Cabinet that followed.”

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