SNC-Lavalin CEO

CBC March 20, 2019

If it’s convicted of fraud and bribery charges, SNC-Lavalin could end up being taken over by another company and its 9,000 jobs in Canada could move abroad, the engineering firm’s CEO told Radio-Canada in an interview today.

“If we were convicted further down the line … if we’re barred from doing federal work, then the people doing federal work today will have to do something else. That may be in Canada or it may be outside Canada,” Neil Bruce said.

Analysts have countered that argument, pointing out that more than half of those 9,000 workers are currently engaged in multi-billion dollar construction projects that are years from completion, and that it’s unlikely SNC will be prevented from bidding on provincial contracts.

He also said that while he never told officials in the Prime Minister’s Office that a federal prosecution would leave SNC-Lavalin vulnerable to a foreign takeover, it’s a possibility.

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