National Post March 20, 2019

Not quite dead yet, that SNC-Lavalin imbroglio.

The Liberal-dominated justice committee did its best this week, slamming shut the door on any further hearings, least of all God forbid recalling the deposed attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has done his best too, steadily stonewalling opposition and media questions with inane and disingenuous prattle about “standing up for Canadian jobs.”

But the scandal lives, thanks, o cruel irony, to SNC-Lavalin CEO Neil Bruce.

Wednesday, Bruce went on a bit of a media blitz, speaking to reporters from various organizations.

In these various interviews, among other things, Bruce said unequivocally that the company never threatened to move its headquarters (contrary to what the retiring clerk of the privy council Michael Wernick told Wilson-Raybould would happen); has never cited the loss of 9,000 jobs as a reason SNC should get a deferred prosecution agreement or DPA, but nonetheless insisted there’s a public interest for a DPA so those employees aren’t forced to work for U.S. or European firms, and perhaps most curiously, in at least two interviews is reported as saying he still doesn’t understand why SNC wasn’t given a DPA.

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