National Post March 19, 2019

Not only did the committee fail to recall Wilson-Raybould, it failed to even scratch at the incestuous relationships between SNC-Lavalin lobbyists and this government

It was just one more perfectly predictable, almost perfectly staged, extended selfie in the life of official Ottawa.

Budget day in the nation’s capital, the cable news networks filled with spinners spinning, many if not most of them photogenic partisans and “strategic communications” specialists doing the bidding of the parties for which they or their firms toil or hope to toil; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not responsively answering a single question in that oxymoronically named exercise called question period and opposition members unable to do a thing about it but watch their hair burst into flames; Finance Minister Bill Morneau actually saying, this in response to a question from Lisa LaFlamme of CTV about what in the budget will make Canadians turn the page from the SNC-Lavalin scandal, “Optimism to face the future.”

What does that even mean?

Have any of these clowns, from all parties, who talk endlessly about what “Canadians want” with such staggering confidence, ever met a real Canadian, that is, one who is not a Liberal/Conservative/New Democrat shill from birth, who works at Costco or GM or some other real, non-trust-fund-enabled job, who plays hockey and drives her kids from pillar to post and wants a government that takes care of the basics and MPs who just occasionally speak the truth or say what they actually mean, not heave up some dreadful porridge of “talking points” determined by teams of handlers?

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