Gerald Butts

CTV March 7, 2019

The entire SNC-Lavalin mess, according to former Trudeau top aide Gerry Butts, was just the normal operations of government.

If so, one image sticks in the mind from this week’s testimony to the justice committee.

While attending a gala last October, Justin Trudeau’s powerful deputy minister took a phone call to his unlisted number.

It was chair of SNC-Lavalin Kevin Lynch, who served as top bureaucrat until 2009, asking Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick about the status of his company’s demand for a deferred prosecution deal.

The way Wernick remembers it, nothing improper was said, although he admitted to being fuzzy on another conversation later in his testimony because he wasn’t “wearing a wire,” so perhaps there are memory gaps.

But this encounter cries out, nay, SCREAMS special access to the most powerful forces inside government by a private sector interest aiming to arm-twist the attorney general for the first-ever deal of its kind.

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